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Where Legitimate Work At Home Businesses Are Created By You

If you have knowledge, a skill, an expertise, somewhere in the world there is someone who wants to know what is in your head.  In fact right now, there are thousands with problems that you have the solution.

Remember that at GreenDoors, we think that you can do anything!!

open a door
to something you love to do

Do you have a talent, an interest, hobby, skill or expertise that you enjoy, maybe love to do and possibly would spend many hours on it if you could?  It could be a passion.

Your interest or passion could create extra part-time income for you, or could replace your current income, or better it could be a PLAN B in these changing times of robots and automation.  What an interesting idea to earn an income or profit from your own job or business from doing something you love to do.

In these days of change, earning an income from an Internet business that you own and control, and love to do,  is a wonderful idea.

YOUR life is full of rich experiences and with a bit of thinking, you can find a real interest there that could be a door to a different future and increased control.  GreenDoorIDEAS can even help you find that idea if you wish.

A life full of rich experiences

Regardless of your age your life experience is UNIQUE in your neighborhood and in fact, in the world.

So what are you be interested in or even passionate about?  It could be from work, a hobby, a sport, something you are good at, even possibly one of these ...

Gardening, worm farming, photography, golf, playing cards, fishing, skate-boarding, flower arranging, flying, gardening, car repairs, car building, public speaking, growing roses or cactus, bird watching, walking, running, house renovations, building decks, astronomy, writing, plum jam making, clock making, painting, growing organic tomatoes, book binding ...

Anything really !!

At Work, you may wish someone would solve that issue! - if many find it a problem and no-one solves it, why not YOU solve it.  You might enjoy and be good at project management, team leadership, team celebrations, office technology, Board reports ...

Maybe fun stuff, like Jim Nelson and his Juggling.  Jim's love of juggling started with a book, and now he has an  international business, about ... juggling!  Anyone for glow-balls for some night juggling?

And hundreds more different ideas can be found on the Resources page, below.

Can you think of something you are interested in?

In fact even if you cannot, at GreenDoorIDEAS, we specialise in helping you find your hidden abilities and passions (your door).

With your passion, something you love to do, you could

  • Connect with with others who are interested who live nearby, in the next town, in the city, across the country or  anywhere in the world, OR
  • Connect to people who have a question or problem to be solved, and as you know the answer they can pay you for the answer - yes pay you! You could create a new income source, doing what you love to do.  It can be a passive income source that just happens.

Imagine spending more time on what you love to do, and possibly being paid to do it.

GreenDoorIDEAS, has been helping people like you do this since 2007.  Here is what some say.

Imagine ... a legitimate work at home income

Imagine building a different future around your passion that could provide extra savings, or a retirement income or even replace your current work or be new work.

Imagine doing this from anywhere, from an office, the kitchen table or travelling around Australia in a caravan, or travelling through Europe.

Imagine owning your own business.

There are people who have done just that and their stories can be read here.

Imagine an idea to income !

People who are retiring, students at University turning a hobby into an income, people with a passion for where they live, others who have ended the work commute, and others who have overcome financial hardship, health problems and another who created something magnificent despite having a disability.  Still another who is an expert and another who simply wanted to share her knowledge for free and another who wanted to help people, and created an income and a profitable business in the process.

Read their stories here.

What is the next step?

The next steps are listed below.  A good one to do early is to organise a chat with Warren as there are limited spots each week.

  • Contact Warren using the form below, for a FREE 15 minute chat about your idea, or if you don't have one, talk about how to find one.  Simply write a Comment about having a Chat in the Question Box.  Do it soon, as there are limited spaces.
  • Get the FREE Newsletter full of ideas, success stories and tips of legitimate work at home businesses and never miss out on what is happening on the Internet.

Then explore the ...

  • Stories of people who have done it and
  • Services of GreenDoorIDEAS - how GreenDoorIDEAS can help you DIY or provide full assistance.
  • Resources where you will see more Results, more Examples, and more Stories and hear about the "super easy" non-technical tools used to create an Internet business.  You can check out SiteBuildIt (SBI) here.
  • CONSIDER the success of people (Stories and Results), the HUGE number of Resources available and the Support.  Consider that you really only need a little bit of time to explore an idea, then consider ...
  • If you are planning for your retirement, or are retired and want to add new income streams, then have a look at this income planning.
  • What about testing your idea to see if it might be good for an Internet/Online business.  It is really easy to do.

Testing Your idea

Imagine TESTING your hobby, skill, knowledge, whatever you just love to do .. your passion, to see if there is anyone "out there" who is also interested, and to see if you can create an income from your idea.

You CAN Test by clicking here for just $40 (approximately).

At GreenDoorIDEAS we can help you find and imagine, create and grow an Internet Business from any idea that you are passionate about.

And at GreenDoorIDEAS, YOU only need to know one thing. 

The knowledge that  YOU can Do anything!

Thank you for visiting.  We hope we can assist you to find, build and open that door.

The very best regards,


If you have any questions, or want to Contact Warren, please feel free to write using the Contact Form below.


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