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Have you ever thought what you love to do (maybe in your spare time)
could be part of your retirement income planning?

Hi, my name is Warren Holland, and I have been training people in Sydney Australia since 2007, in how to turn “what they love to do” into income.  Feeling this was good news for all of Australia, I have now created GreenDoorIDEAS to take this training across Australia.

In the years since 2007 in Sydney, many students have worked with me to create a business based on their passion.  A passion is simply a strong interest and can include a skill, knowledge, experience, a hobby, even a  frustration where you wish “someone would fix that or have an answer to that ...”, then why not you?

A passion could fall into a number of categories such as: entertainment, a hobby, finance and investing, food and cooking, health and medicine, self-help, sports and fitness, or travel to name a few.

What could be better than to create an income
from “what you love to do”.

It is YOUR passion, your idea. GreenDoorIDEAS simply gives you the tools and knowledge to make it all happen and is a facilitator.

Do you have a passion that you would love to spend more time on?

Do you dream of creating more income?

Why not combine the two - create extra income from what you love to do.  Walt Disney certainly did.

To get you thinking, here are some examples of what some people love to do:

Skills – playing a sport, chess, darts, netball, or creative writing, playing an instrument like a guitar or a ukele, astology, book-keeping, graphic design

Knowledge – history of WWI, solar energy, how to stop squeaks, what holds up bridges,accounting basics, day trading, cooking with honey, coffee connoisseur, easy maths, home storage solutions,

Experience – being a Carer,  overcoming debt, saving tips,teaching driving, ace an exam or ace an audition, kids birthday parties

Hobby – origami, wood working or carpentry, photography, gardening, model cars, antiques, diving, making tea, collecting coins, house plants, gardening, 

Frustration – project management, budgeting, fixing a car, fixing a window, over-coming writers block.

There is a theme here isn't there ... did you see it?  Yes, a passion can be anything really, with the key being that you love to do it.

If you have many interests or cannot choose one, GreenDoorIDEAS can assist.

To bring your passion to life, at GreenDoorIDEAS we use a three-fold process:        Imagining - Creating - Growing

Imagining - Creating - Growing

Imagining your idea - we set about thinking about your idea.  We research it, examine it, poke it and prod it, and examine its market.

Invariably we find thousands of potential visitors (customers) and we define the best niche for your idea that will work.  Then we set about creating ...

Creating and building your idea right there out on the Internet and making it available to be seen by smartphones, tablets, laptops, desk-top computers, in fact any device connected to the Internet.  Then we grow your idea ...

Growing your idea by examining who is visiting your site? where do they enter? connecting social media, identifying partners to link with ...

Test an idea

You can test an idea for about $40.  We can show you where to start and you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or we can assist and speed it all up. You will be surprised to find thousands of people interested in your idea, and this idea could assist your retirement income planning.

Now venture to the Homepage where you can see successful people creating an income from their passions.

Here is more about me and here is where you can write or contact me.

It has been good to meet you. Thank you for stopping by to explore this retirement income planning opportunity.

The very best regards,

Accelerating knowledge to create a different future
by turning passions into business,
ideas and dreams into reality

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