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What Do I Use To Build GreenDoorIDEAS?

Here you will find a growing list of Small Business Resources and Tools that I use and are suitable for the small business, the solopreneur, the entrepreneur and especially for the individual who dreams of a different future in their own business, doing what they love to do.

At GreenDoorIDEAS, we use SiteBuildIt! or SBI! and on another site I use Wordpress.  Here are resources and tools to better understand SBI! which is my primary tool for publishing to the Internet as it is all-inclusive for the one small price.

I will soon start to publish here, the Wordpress tools I use.  Using Wordpress I connect plug-ins as I need them - some are free, and others I purchase as required.

Small Business Resources to better understand sBI!

SBI! Home Page
This page explains the tools I use and shows you example sites.

Do What You Love To Do - Your Passion
For Individuals, New In Business, and Solo Proprietor Entrepreneurs

For the individual and small business person just starting out and wishing to grow all or part of their business online, why not do something that you love to do?

Did you know your hobby and life skills can generate a solid income online. It definitely IS possible.  See below.

Work From Home
Looking to work from home?  Many of my students work from home. Here you will find moms, retirees, people with health problems, caregivers and others. SBI! helps people achieve their work from home dreams.  Why not create work from what you love to do, whether it's sharing a book and related articles, your expertise in growing tomatoes or even flying a kite

There is actually a hugely successful site on juggling!  Yes juggling - what a niche. It commenced as a book of instructions and Jim Nelson grewww  into a very profitable Internet business.  Want to juggle glow-balls in the night?

A part-time incomePlanning an income stream in retirement

"There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Work that you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning. I think you are out of your mind if you keep doing work that you don't like because you think it will look good on your resume.”   ~Warren Buffett American Investor and Businessman

SBI! is not Web Hosting - just in case you were wondering
Any Web host can provide space and bandwidth, but how many of them can help with small business resources to assist you to build a successful online business? Sitesell and SBI are focused on the individual and their success, and their whole purpose is to remove the technical stuff so you can focus on the business.  They do this through ever-evolving small business resources, modules, and tools that you run, removing all the technical stuff so you can focus on your business.

The SBI! Video Tour
This Video Tour visually communicates the sheer power of SBI!  In just 30 minutes you will have a solid understanding of what SBI! is, does and can do for you.

Case Studies
Here are personal stories told by a real person, one who was once in the 'same boat' as yourself. These case studies are detailed recountings of individual SBI! experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles over many years.

SBI! is all about profitable RESULTS. No traffic = No profits. SBI! OVERdelivers on both. This Results page features hundreds of successful SBIers.  Across many different categories of business passions, you should find a category close to your interests.

"I persevered and persevered and my results have proven that if you go with your heart and you follow your passion you never really work a day in your life."
~ Entrepreneur Le Ho (Sydney Australia)

The Tools
Sometimes it's hard to communicate all that is included with SBI!. It's not just a "sitebuilder" or " web hosting."  It is a  "process" with a massive set of small business resources and tools that leads to a successful online business. Here are many of those tools all in one place and they grow each week.

This is an important decision. Do you wish to see proof? SBI! provides the the process and tools, but here is proof of success.

"Mark Twain once said, “The secret to success in life is to make your vocation your vacation.”My websites allow me to spend time with my husband and children and soon, grandchild.  My websites allow me to do what I love every day!"  ~ Cheryl Hatch,

Do you have any Questions?  Here you can visit a page where you can complete a form or call the SiteSell Advisor Team. This experienced team knows SBI! and SBI! for WP inside-out.
They will listen to your questions (phone or email) and provide answers back to you.

SBI! Home Page
Just in case you missed this page, the SBI Home Page is a summary of SBI.  It's worth another look as it gives you that overview that will pull all that you have seen so far, together.  When finished, come back here.

Solo Build It! Order Page
Now that you understand a lot more about the marvellous tool that GreenDoorIDEAS uses, you may want to try it yourself.  There is no risk at all as there is a 90 Day Refund Risk Free Guarantee.  So why not have a go and explore your idea yourself (DIY).  There is really no risk and you can find out how your idea can work for a tiny amount and be AMAZED!

You can Order Solo Build It here 
and it will be delivered direct to you about 1 minute later.

If you need help, GreenDoorIDEAS  is always here if you need us.
Just CONTACT us here.

The very best regards,

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