The work at home opportunity

Work is changing .. It does seem dismal, but ...

Is a work at home opportunity the answer?

Is being an independent worker, or being self-employed the answer?

As innovation increases, several forces are changing work.  These forces are causing  work to be disrupted, unpredictable and precarious.

Full-time and permanent work is reducing and being replaced by work that is part-time, casual, temporary, agency, shift work and permanent-temp or permotemp.

This is creating under-employment, unemployment, casualization and job insecurity. Those that are under-employed are undertaking often extensive unpaid activities to simply retain access to jobs and decent earnings.  Such continuous activities can be exhausting and can include continuous training, self marketing and networking.

As innovation continues, there will be more and more pressure on full-time jobs.

More than any other time, you are in the hands of others as you work, and as you seek another job. Others make decisions about your continued worklife.

It all sounds quite dismal, but ...

There is an answer!

You can take advantage of these forces.

When the industrial revolution arrived, workers left farms to work in factories in towns and cities. Now, with the Technological Revolution upon us as ONE of the drivers and disrupters of work, there is actually an interesting opportunity!

The work at home opportunity

My research is indicating that a work at home opportunity is worth grabbing hold of if something suitable appears.

As a result of the very innovation that puts pressure on full-time jobs, there is an amazing work at home opportunity.  Innovative technology can be used in the home office just like in the "office in town".

So ...

Forget the commute to an office or workplace.

Forget the traffic and people.

You can become agile just like businesses.
You can innovate.

You can be in control

YOU can use technology to work from home, and without the inertia of a larger organization, be even more agile and responsive to changes in the market.

A work at home opportunity can help to get back control of your income.

My research

My research to date indicates a growing trend toward independent self-employment that can smooth out the income cycle and give back control of your income.

Why consider working from home?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

Advantages include ..

Flexibility - to work anywhere, when you choose
Portability - your office can be as small as a laptop and a phone
Independence - you decide the direction of your work
Control - as master of your own destiny you control your life

Decision maker - perhaps for me the most satisfying was to make and enable my own
                        decisions. My own boss.  Magic!

Disadvantages include ..

Time - you need to manage your own time
Space - finding the right space to set up can be an issue. Libraries are excellent! 
            Personally I have always found a space.


Feel free to drop me a note and suggest more.

How do you start?

Start a work-at-home business any time, even part time whilst you are at work.  It can be a hobby, and you never know it could not just add to your current income, but replace it in the future with something you love to do.  You can even test an idea for next to nothing.  Read more >>

Growing list

Here is a growing list of what I call the work at home opportunity.  One of these could provide the income needed when you are between jobs, or add income if you are in a low paid position, or even become your main income source.

Here is a growing list of work at home opportunities, jobs and business ideas that are being researched right now and will be written about in depth.

There may be a work at home opportunity here for you.

A Job based on own life experiences

Why not a job/business based on your own LIFE EXPERIENCES, skills, knowledge and expertise.

This could be the best job/business of all as you already have the necessary qualifications.

Clerical opportunities

Clerical work at home jobs will be explored here.

Parents opportunities

Parents working together from home can create a business that is more than part time.

The work at home woman

If you have children and they are now left for school, then this can be a time for moms work at home.

Part time work at home

Computer work from home

Call Centre

Would you believe there is an opportunity for work at home call center work.

Assembly work

Transcription work at home

Medical transcription work at home

Data entry

Google work at home

There are few jobs where you can undertake Google work at home, although if you have the skills there are opportunities to assist people to optimize their websites for Google search or using Adwords.

Work at home Agent

A work at home agent can be many roles.  One explored here will be the Travel agent.

Free work at home business

This will require research.  One that is almost free at the moment, is the first mentioned opportunity that is based on your own life experiences.

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