10 DO-ABLE Things to Do Right Now If Unemployed

Here is a free eBooklet that sets out 10 DO-ABLE Things to Do Right Now if you are unemployed.

10 ideas that helped me through the time immediately after receiving news of a redundancy.  There are many things you can do, but these are straight forward and easily do-able amidst the trauma of this recent news.

I wish ...

I wish that I had these 10 steps set out for me at that time, as my head just was not in that space.  Unfortunately not.  So this eBooklet is borne of my experience of what I did on that first day after the news.

At the end of the Booklet ...

After you have worked through the 10 DO-ABLE Things to Do Right Now, there is at the end of the eBooklet an

added Bonus with a link to what to do NEXT, also free to you.

Just follow the link and your eBooklet will be waiting for you.

Free and anonymous

Most important is that it is free to you and free to share if you find it useful and want to pass to a someone else.

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