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Redundancy and Job Loss

How long does it take to get over losing a job?

This is so variable. Unexpected job loss can be very upsetting especially when you think you have been making a valuable contribution.

When the industry is slowly diminishing, you can probably see 'the writing on the wall' for months or years before.  It may be a constant message to everyone.  When the last day comes, you are probably a little prepared for the feeling of loss.

Remember if you have lost a job, you will most likely move through a grief cycle which is common after a loss.

Work At home - Internet business

How do I connect with people who might like what i know?

The Internet enables us to connect to like-minded people in your town, or the neighbouring town, or elsewhere in the state or across the country.  Even on the other side of the world.  A simple yet powerful suite of tools enable this connection.

Are these tools technical?

No, the tools are not technical and do not require any special skills. If you can turn on a computer and open a Browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome (to name three), you can connect to those like-minded people who are interested in your passion.  In fact if you are reading these words, you have turned on a computer and opened a Browser. Congratulations, you have all the skills needed.

99% of all the hundreds of students GreenDoorIDEAS  has worked with have been non-technical people. 

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