Looking for job positions?

Now that the "dust has settled"

You are feeling a bit better about the job positions change, and now it's time to do some planning.

If the dust has not settled yet, or your feelings are still high, then the Today Page may offer the best place to be at the moment.

This Tomorrow Page is a metaphor for later and means you are in a better place to think about where you might go now. Here will be ideas to prepare and assist you in looking for job positions. Where to start and what to do.

Job positions are made redundant, not people

Remember, "Jobs are made redundant, not people".  It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that you are unique and have a valuable contribution YET to make.  Despite your feelings about the previous job, despite what has happened.  What it has done has increased your experience, knowledge and skills and these, added to all your other experiences, uniquely equips you for your next role.

Know Thyself

Before looking for a new role, it is good to take stock and think about who you are now.  As we have worked, and been involved in the busyness of work, we often forget to reflect on ourselves and our goals and what we really want out of our lives.  Basically what is important.

As we get older, we change and now could be a good time to think about that grand question, "Who Am I?" What are my values and attitudes, what do I know, what are my skills, where do I wish to go now? What is my mission in life? What would I like to do and what would I like NOT to do?

Here is a time to plan your new routines:  Daily, Weekly

What are my Goals for the future?  Discuss them with the family.

family can help

Your family is very important at this time.  They can support you at this time.  As you re-examine life goals and career plans, consider including the family as future plans will involve them as well.  You will be the richer for it.

working from home

Working from home is not for everyone as there may be too many distractions.  I have worked from a home office, the local library, a café and a local Club where there is a quiet space.  The library is a good venue.

For a home office all that is needed is a little space for an office, basic supplies and a telephone, maybe a portable phone handset or a mobile/cell phone.

Today if you have Internet access, then you can choose the best location.

I have combined exercise with my Job search work, and even gone on long treks by train (where I can also work), to beachfront covered tables, and to a Recreation Club in Sydney.  Being outside has been inspiring, where I do good work, but it may not be for everyone.

Taking Messages

If your family is supporting you in your career transition, and you are working from home, then they can assist by being professional in answering the phone.  Your answering machine message may need to be altered.  Possibly whilst you are looking for work, you may ask small children not to answer the phone.

Computers and Resources

To search out new job positions you will need access to the Internet, a good computer and Internet connection is vital. Today with wireless broadband, it is possible to get the latest technology for high speed access for a reasonable amount.  Portable broadband means you can work from other locations other than home.

Computer Netbook technology is always advanced, fast and portable for a couple of hundred dollars and allows you to work from different and remote locations.

Libraries have computers also and you may also be able to connect to the Internet as well.

Financial Planning

If you have a family, it is good to involve them, as you may be needing to tighten your belts to some extent.  Involving the family changes expectations, and is especially important for children.

This is a good time to consult with a financial planner.

If you have a family, it is good to involve them, as you may be needing to tighten your belts to some extent.  Involving the family changes expectations, especially important for children.

This is a good time to consult with a financial planner.


If you have a budget, update it.  If you do not have a budget, now is a good time to create one, either on paper or in a spreadsheet. 

Being aware of the bills and when they will be due will assist in the management of your finances, and ensures there are no surprises.  A budget also assists with such variables as fuel for the car, and the weekly shopping.

A budget assists you to ’live within your means’.

Quick tips that stretch the Budget dollar

-    Buy carefully

-    Eat before shopping

-    Make a list for shopping

-    Save time – draw up aisles and add items from list

-    Reduce any debt as much as possible, especially credit cards.

Financial calculators - check them out at your bank

Banks and Superannuation organisations have free financial calculators that can assist your planning.

Financial Arrangements

Make new arrangements with your bank, the Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas, Council Rates for example), and also Real Estate Agents if you are renting.

You will be surprised at how you can rearrange payments, reduce some, create pay agreements per month, or find new schemes to use.  If you don’t ask, you will never know.


Check out public transport.  You will be surprised what is available and is far more affordable than driving.  If you are a driver, consider driving to the station, then catch a train.

I use public transport as part of my exercise regime, as I walk to the train station.  Another possibility is to drive and walk the last portion of the journey.

Seniors card

Check out what schemes are available for seniors.  In Australia you can obtain a Seniors Card when you are over 60 years and this accesses discounts in many places, even hair dressing.  You also can access discounted transport which is a real saving for a mature older worker looking for a new job.


Keeping well and maintaining your health at this time is essential.  Your health involves your physical self, your mental self, and your spiritual self.  Look to keep all trim and fit.

  • Social - interactions with others is good for you and exercises your social skills
  • Volunteering - keeps you in touch with others whilst helping the community
  • Exercise – Physical and Mental
  • Fun stuff – don’t forget to have fun as well.
  • Seek assistance/support – If you need to arrange to have Counselling.  This could be part of Outplacement services, or through your doctor.  You may have been offered or negotiated Outplacement services at the time
  • Consider hobbies - anything really.  I have found worm farming excellent. Yuk you say, but its really meditative and relaxing.  Here's how to do it. Check it out.
    Of course there is painting (excellent), drawing, gardening, riding ...
    Use your hobby as an escape and a place to relax.


Your network of friends and associates are an invaluable source of ideas and potential leads. Stay connected.

LinkedIN and networking

Today, your LinkedIN account may be one of your most important assets.  If you don’t have a LinedIN account, consider starting one. 

Here we will be looking at how to update LinkedIN when you are unemployed.

G-Search.  job loss and LinkedIN.

Full-time jobsearch

Your new job, is to jobsearch.  From that point of view, you are not unemployed.

Jobsearch for new job positions can take many different avenues.

Here we will explore Curriculum Vitaes (CV), Resumes and Job Descriptions

Job search

will involve a Job Finder to help find a job that will match your skills and experience.   Find job.  Looking for jobs.  Jobs seeker.

Keep an open mind

Be open to all opportunities. 

You never know the best option may not be another salaried job, but a business.

A small business or even a solopreneur!

Support network

Your social schedule may change, but it is still important to meet with friends.  Don’t feel you are less able to meet up, as they will understand, and you may find some have or are also going through unemployment.

In these times, support and encouragement are crucial as you make this career transition.

Helpful links if you feel deeply upset about a loss of job positions

  Lifeline (Australia)    13 11 14 (24hrs a day)     https://www.lifeline.org.au

  Support Services in your country   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines

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