Are legit work at home Ideas
the new future of work?

Is Independent Work and
the independent worker the Way of the future?

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Supporting those experiencing change in work and

legit work from home jobs and businesses 

as a possible solution for future work in these times of change.

Is your worklife in transition?

Are you unemployed? or between jobs? or has your job changed?

Have you undergone a work redundancy or maybe there is one on the horizon?

Are you a mature or older worker who has lost a job?

Or maybe you are considering a career change.

Maybe the Corona Virus (Covid19) is causing change in your our life.

Or maybe you are a part of the "Great Resignation" that is gathering pace around the world.

In times of any work change and stress GreenDoorIdeas has resources that may assist.

Support during Work change

In terms of work, I know what it is like to be stuck in a job that is going no where, and I seek a career change.

I know what it is like to lose a job, especially one you enjoyed, were passionate about or felt you were contributing.  I know what it is like to wake the next morning without the routine of heading to work.  I know what it is like to work out what to do now when there are the burdens of a mortgage and food to put on the table.

Not only can GreenDoorIdeas support you from TODAY through this change because I have been there, but also in planning your TOMORROW and looking at FUTURE work possibilities.  I explore the potential of independent and legitimate work from home opportunities for fun, work and for business as either full-time or part-time work to provide a stable income (or profits) between jobs.

You will soon see that I look for opportunities, and this time of change is a REAL opportunity for YOU away from the frantic pace of employment, to ...

Stop, breathe deeply and think about YOU.

What do I REALLY want to do with my life? 
I need an income, so what is the BEST way to earn it?

Is this an opportunity to NOW explore what I really love to do as my work?

As a scientist I am researching HOW work is changing, WHY it is changing and most important, HOW you can take advantage and continue to work into the future.

If you have just come across this page, possibly you have just experienced a significant change.  Sometimes feelings seem overwhelming.  Consider reading this to assist you with those doubting thoughts that could be floating around in your head.

The Mature or Older Worker

In particular if you are a mature or older worker, male or female, GreenDoorIdeas can assist. 

Whilst governments say we should work longer, the reality is that few employers value the significant skills, knowledge and experience of the older worker.

At GreenDoorIdeas, these are exactly what we wish to use to create a new future.  In fact life experience can be your MOST valuable asset.

Most important, GreenDoorIdeas is focused on legit work from home ideas that look to the future.

GreenDoorIdeas means creatively identifying new ideas to open new doors to work.

today - tomorrow - future

TODAY you probably have intense feelings after learning of your job loss or redundancy.  TODAY is important as we understand those feelings and accept them so we can move into

TOMORROW, after the initial shock, you will be more able to start thinking about planning the next step.

In the FUTURE section of GreenDoorIdeas, you will be able to explore where work could be going so you can position yourself.

A future area explored ...
Independent Work and legit work From home

One future area of work explored is Independent Work. For example contracting (plus others) and also working from home on your own enterprise created from your own life experience. Here we explore only legitimate work from home ideas.  Creating work that can be undertaken from home has sustained me during times of work transition such as unemployment and "between jobs", redundancy, career changes and as I plan for retirement.  Yes, I have experienced all these situations.

  My work@home jobs have also helped fill the gap when I started a job that paid less.

Best of all, being part-time, my work@home jobs fitted in and around other employment as it came along and finally my work@home work transitioned to full time work from home.

My legit work at home jobs became my business and I now love what I do and do what I love.

At GreenDoorIdeas there is a strong possibility that YOU too may find work you love to do.

Today work is changing - so what is the future?

There are many forces pressuring how we work today and some are disruptive and are causing great changes in the way things are done. Think about Uber's impact on the taxi industry as one.

All around, routine work is being automated, machines are replacing people, robots and technology like the Internet are becoming central to business, and globalisation is increasing.  All this will impact on work as we know it.

In Australia, the car company Ford Australia closed its doors in 2016 and General Motors subsidiary Holden and Toyota Australia close in 2017. Wow, imagine how many workers will lose their jobs.  That is a massive blow to manufacturing and the associated industries and to jobs!

There are so many questions. 
Major questions are what work will I be able to do and what will meaningful work look like in the (near) future so I can be prepared?

Looking for opportunities

Here we will explore the forces that are changing work and instead of succumbing to their influence, we'll explore ways to actually take advantage, take control and discover new ways to work.

At GreenDoorIdeas you may find new ideas about your future work.

Optimism and hope for the future as we seek out legit work from home jobs  opportunities and legitimate work from home business opportunities.

At GreenDoorIdeas Know One Thing
You CAN Do Anything.

With YOUR unique life experience, skills, knowledge and abilities.

As Walt Disney said ...

So Where to start ...

You can start anywhere.

TODAY is about looking at your feelings after learning of your job loss or your change.

TOMORROW is a metaphor for after the initial shock and you are able to plan the next step.

The FUTURE looks at the forces that are shaping work now and what is known about what work could look like in the future, what to do now, and what opportunities are available.

If you have just lost your job or been told of a redundancy, then start with the practical issues of TODAY then the planning ideas in TOMORROW and then look at FUTURE possibilities, new work opportunities and new ways.

If you are thinking of changing careers, you may still be working, then you are most likely planning, so start with the FUTURE and look at where work might be going and at the opportunities.  Here a part-time legitimate work from home business idea can add new vigour to your day, and could change your need to change careers.

Open the creative Green Door to new Ideas about the future - Green Door Ideas.

TODAY               TOMORROW           FUTURE

There are work at home opportunities and also work at home business opportunities here so ...

imagine, create and grow YOUR ideas into reality.

There is also a simple way to test an idea and ideas on how to start your next venture and a growing list of the resources I use.

YOU only need to know one thing. 

The knowledge that  YOU can Do anything!

Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to helping you create your new future.

We hope we can assist you to find, build and open that new door.

The very best regards,


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