How did greendoorIDEAS get its name?
online business ideas maybe?

Now this is a long story and it begins many years ago in 1995 (wow).  But for now, the short explanation will suffice.

As you can see there are three parts to the name:  Green ... Door ... Ideas.

Is the colour of one of Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats. The Green hat focuses on creativity: the possibilities, alternatives and new ideas. So GREEN represents creativity.  When you come to GreenDoorIDEAS, we are imaginative and creative !!

At GreenDoorIDEAS we      imagine - create - grow
We IMAGINE our idea(s), CREATE the reality of that idea online on the Internet as a business, and then GROW the idea and the business.  It is a bit like a painting, from an idea, onto a canvas, and then grown into a picture.  The canvas on which we paint is the Internet where our "picture" grows.

An American actor and comedian Milton Berle once said ...

If opportunity does not knock, build a door.

So the Green Door was built, to help others to build their doors, to opportunity. 

There are many stories.

Some people using GreenDoorIDEAS are retired and seek extra income, others are planning to retire and want another income source in the mix.

Sometimes for different people there seems opportunities are few and far between.  Life is just a bit different at the moment.  Some of the people who have used GreenDoorIDEAS have lost a job, undergone a redundancy, others have been at home with children, another was a person with a disability.

Each one of us has unique gifts, skills, knowledge and things we just love to do.  Here at GreenDoorIDEAS, we think everyone should have opportunities, so we help people to build their door from those unique gifts.

This speaks for itself.  All my life I have been fascinated by ideas, as a young fellow fascinated with shooting stars, later as a science educator and then working with people who espouse new ideas to help people using IT, in the Health and the Disability sectors. 

Imagine Einstein in about 1915 imagining the idea of the universe flooded with disturbances in the gravitational field, rippling through spacetime at the speed of light, just like the ripples we get from throwing a pebble into a pond.  Now in 2016, his idea was proven to be true using phenomenally accurate laser beams shot across 4km here on earth.  This idea will have massive benefits for us here on earth. 

Look what happened to electromagnetic waves.
In 1820, a Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted discovered that an electrical current in a wire from a battery caused a nearby compass needle to deflect.  Imagine what Oersted would think today when our communications uses the idea of electromagnetic waves in the form of WiFi on our smartphones, walking around connecting with anyone, even the bank, anywhere in the world. Maybe like me, you use your iPad, laptop or smartphone from a cafe on WiFi.  What an amazing idea!

So where will the idea and now the reality of gravitational waves take us in the future?

Now, I work with the IDEAS of individuals  as they turn their passions, what they love to do, into online realities.  What a privilege.

Where could your idea take you?

I hope you will join me.

PS.  If you "think" you have no ideas, hobbies, interests, skills, special knowledge, or passions for something, then we can help you find it.  You know, there IS something!

   At GreenDoorIDEAS know one thing:  You Can Do Anything!

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