Inspiring Business Story Success Of Ordinary People

Creating Income From Their Interests, Hobbies, Skills and Passions

Some stories of people doing what they love to do

Some people's story of success can take a lifetime to be realised as in the story of the acres of diamonds.  At GreenDoorIDEAS, we accelerate finding your diamond.

Retirement income

He turned his knowledge into ongoing Retirement Income.


Two graduate students turned their Hobby Into A Business.

A Passion

Her Passion for San Francisco led to over $5,000 a month.

End the commute

Start a business, spend more time at home and end the commute?  Here is how they did it.

End the nine to five

She washed away the 9 to 5 routine to build a life she wanted.

Conquer hardship

The hardship of the great recession could not stop this resourceful solopreneur.

A positive from poor health

Her battle with health issues led to a vibrantly successful business.

Sharing expertise

This solopreneur spun her expert legal questions into legal tender.

Income from giving away

She found a way to share her knowledge for free and still make money.

A story success whilst helping others

Her desire to help others resulted in online success.

Overcame disability

She was determined to overcome her disabilities and build a business.

Acres of diamonds

Sometimes there seems to be no opportunities for us, but your interests are a real opportunity!  There are acres of diamonds right there with you now, in your mind.  What are your diamonds?

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