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John Shank, is a solopreneur who jumped into an online business over 12 years ago. At first, all he wanted to do was share his knowledge of building sheds, and earn a little passive income from Google Ads. Yet even that was a struggle.

John originally built his own site, on another hosting provider, and had little support or guidance.

But then, John learnt about a system that could help him focus his business, and a community that was supportive. The problem was, since his site wasn’t making any money, he didn’t have the $300 he needed to pay for membership.

To invest $300 into a site that wasn’t doing anything was a huge gamble. It wouldn’t take much to recoup that investment … but at the same time, if there’s no money coming in, $300 is significant.

After much consideration, John finally found $300 and put it toward his business.  He transferred to the new hosting and began to immediately make improvements to his site and business overall.  He found out how easy it was to create and grow his site. You can see what John created here at ShedKing.

As John puts it, “That was without a doubt one of the BEST decisions I have ever made!”

Unique knowledge, a desire to share, and this interesting idea has turned into a passive income to assist John's retirement.

John Shank is now right on the verge of retirement and has an ongoing monthly income from his successful online business thanks to Solo Build It!, and you can too!

Have a look at John's business at ShedKing.

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